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In October 2021 the remainder of “Thousands of Dollars for Tea” was acquired by the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Check out the interview I did with EV Grieve about Diamonds, Razors and Champagne:


And This: https://alumni.risd.edu/news-events/diamonds-razors-and-champagne

Friday April 9th, 2021 – Friday April 23, 2021


Marty Allen, Claudia Bitran, Carpo, The Curio, Cory and Nina Against The World, E. Foxe Harrell,  Samuel Gassman, Samson Huang, Tamara Johnson, Elle Lexxa, John Manion, Benjamin Peterson, East Village Vintage Collective, Rusty Anchor Antiques, Elizabeth Saloka and Jim Tozzi.  Also featuring artworks from Egypt to the 20th century.

In recent years, technology has reformed mass communication into various social platforms on which users can commodify themselves amongst “friends”. Identities are now fashioned out of products and lifestyles that maximize their value within consumer culture. The drunken allure of celebrity media and sponsored content fucks our stream of consciousness with flashes of elaborate luxury items pushing us to demand the next great indulgence. Situated in this orgy of excess, Diamonds, Razors and Champagne examines the unbridled appetite for more, more, more that results from the relentless stroking by commercial media.

The works included span a range of artists, objects and media, from videos to jewelry all the way through to alcohol, this shit bursts with hedonistic decadence while questioning its compatibility with the conflicting desires for lasting survival and self-actualization in the ephemerality of mainstream society. This exhibition manifests our growing tendency to overindulge our senses and seek out newer and stronger addictions. Much like they say in recovery, the first step is denying you have a problem and embracing one’s desires.

Portrait study #2 (margarita) (detail), 2020, by Tamara Johnson (in Diamonds, Razors and Champagne)

2021 Acquisition News

I am so excited to announce that the original Generic Chain was collected by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France.  I am extremely honored to be a part of such an iconic collection.

In other acquisition news a collector donated one of my media works to the Poster House… Um.  I will have to discuss that piece at a later date and probably in a public forum.



Here we go (via RISD)

The full Generic Series (books and jewelry) will be making its debut this October in Leipzig, Germany at the Grassi Museum for their 100th year anniversary of Grassimesse (October 23-25).  Check out more here:
The self-published artist books Volume I and the catalog for the exhibition 13 | 23 (created in collaboration with Tamara Johnson) are now live on the Smithsonian Library’s website.  Check them out here:
Acquisition News
4 Works acquired into the permanent collections at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, Germany
Away Message, Currently up at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park.
Check it out HERE!
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2011 Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) • Master of Fine Arts (Honors) • Providence, RI

2008 The University of Iowa • Bachelor of Fine Arts • Iowa City, IA

2007 The University of Iowa • Bachelor of Science and Nursing • Iowa City, IA

Public Collections

2021 Cedar Rapids Museum of Art • Cedar Rapids, IA

2021 Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris • Paris, France

2021 Smithsonian Libraries • Cooper Hewitt, New York, NY

2021 Poster House • New York, NY

2019 Grassi Museum • Leipzig, Germany

2018 Smithsonian Libraries • Cooper Hewitt, New York, NY

2018 Cedar Rapids Museum of Art • Cedar Rapids, IA

2017 Christian Peterson Museum • Iowa State University, Ames, IA

2016 Long House Reserve • Collection of Jack Lenor Larsen • East Hampton, NY


2015 Vermont Studio Center • Residency • Johnson, VT

2012 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) • Fellowship and Residency • Amherst, VA

2012 BRIC Media Arts • Fellowship and residency • Brooklyn, NY

2012 Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide (SPARC) • Brooklyn Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts Grant • Brooklyn, NY

2011 Ox-Bow • Residency and instructor (With Nicole Cherubini) • Saugatuck, MI

2011 RISD Graduate Studies Grant • Affected Productions • Providence, RI

2010 Graduate Fellowship & Teaching Assistantship • RISD Ceramics • Providence, RI

2010 Funded Proposal • Sitings 2010: Museum as Action • RISD Museum of Art • Providence, RI

Selected Exhibitions

2011-20 Numerous anonymous public and media projects across the United States

2020 Grassi Museum of Art • Leipzig, Germany • Grassimesse

2020 The Parlor • Frenchtown, NJ • Portraits

2019 Sweet Pass Sculpture Park • Dallas, TX• Away Message

2019 PAD Gallery • New York, NY • On The Lamb

2018 EFA Project Space • New York, NY • Nurtureart Benefit

2018 a space • New York, NY • Fucking Terrible Art Exhibition

2017 BRIC Arts • Brooklyn, NY • Truth

2014 The Emerson • Brooklyn, NY • Masks (Collaboration with Marty Allen)

2014 Katrina Van Tassel Gallery • New York, NY • Digital Skin

2013 Violetscafe • Brooklyn, NY • Fishing in the Dark

2013 a space • Brooklyn, NY • 13|23 Exhibition

2013 Greenville Museum of Art • Greenville, NC • Tongue in Cheek

2012 Ateliers D’Art De France • Paris, FR • The International Film Festival on Clay and Glass: Cup (2010)

2011 Samson Projects • Boston, MA • Chain Letter

2011 RISD Museum of Art • Providence, RI • Video Art Screening: The Cave of Time (2011) • Juried by Judith Tannebaum

2011 Rhode Island Convention Center • Providence, RI • RISD MFA Thesis Exhibition 2011

2011 Gelman Gallery • Providence, RI • Digital Plastic

2010 RISD Museum of Art • Providence, RI • Sitings 2010: Museum as Action, Column


2021 Milosch, Jane • Arnoldshe Publishers (Coming) • Chunghi Choo and Her Students

2020 Henderson, Aneeka Ayanna • UNC Press • Veil & Vow, Marriage Matters in Contemporary African American Culture

2017 Sharp, Sarah • Tool Book (Volume 1)

2015 Allen, Marty • Cisco Books • Emojis: The Secret Behind the Smile

2014 Masterson, Leopold • Self Published Volume 1 • Smithsonian Libraries

2013 Masterson, Leopold • Self Published • 13 |23 Catalog (Co-EVERYTHING with Tamara Johnson) • Smithsonian Libraries

2011 West, Anne • Moth Press • Mapping the Intelligence of Artistic Work